Monday, June 14, 2010

Trying sew many new things

Last week I took the intro to sewing class at Sew to Speak. It was a really nice class. It gave us the basic understanding of how to use a sewing machine. 

I have had the opportunity to learn how each machine is a little different because between my mom and mother-in-law I had the opportunity to work with five different machines in the last three weeks. My favorite is the Singer circa 1935ish. It is the most sturdy of the five and the prettiest. It’s in amazing condition and even still has the owner’s manual.

I’ve made a few wallet/small purses and, thanks to the encouragement of my DC friends and fam, I will hopefully be putting them on esty in the next month or so. If you don’t want to wait, send me an email and I can get one for you before then.

I’m going to take another class with Sew to Speak before the end of the summer and have two big sewing projects coming up soon, so stay tuned.

There are pictures of some of the bags I've made below the break. So click on read more to check them out.


Mosaic said...

I LOVE the bags! My niece collects much are they? I will send her one if they are for sale?!

Mikhael said...

I'm a bad blogger. I only saw your post today. I'm going to sell them for $10 a piece. If you come by, I'll even let you pick the fabric I make them out of.

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